United Way Funded Partners

The 2015 Allocations do not include Community Impact Grant Project funding.

Adult Learning and Training Centre:  Offers literacy and skills training services to adults in Lanark County and Smiths Falls (ages 16 and over).

Funded Programs:

  • North Lanark Employability Skills Pilot
  • Family Literacy – Pass it On!
  • Expanding Smiths Falls Site

2015 Allocation:           $7,500.00

Number Served 2014:  84

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County: Helps children ages 6-16 in Lanark County and Smiths Falls develop their unique potential through consistent dependable and non-conditional adult friendships (mentoring).

Funded Programs:

  • Traditional Mentoring Program
  • In School Mentoring Program
  • Co-op In School Mentoring Program
  • Go Girls – Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds
  • Game On!
  • JAMM – Music Mentoring

2015 Allocation:           $12,500.00

Number Served 2014: 515

Carleton Place and District Youth Centre:  Offers enriching programming and much needed services to over 500 youth each year.  Work to engage and empower young people by providing a structured and nurturing environment where youth can have a voice and feel valued as members of our community.

Funded Programs:        Youth Services Program (Drop-In Programs)

2015 Allocation:           $9,500.00

Number Served 2014: 497

Children’s Resources On Wheels: Dedicated to supporting and strengthening childcare, family life, child development and community links in Lanark County.

Funded Programs:

  • Child Care Subsidies
  • Angel Tree Program

2015 Allocation:           $4,500

Number Served 2014: 91

CNIB:  One of the world’s largest non-profit agencies committed to providing Canadians who are blind or living with vision loss with the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life and society.

Funded Programs:

  • Low Vision Services
  • Independent Living Skills – Rehabilitation
  • Orientation and Mobility – Travel Skills Training

2015 Allocation:           $5,250.00

Number Served 2014: 404

Community and Primary Health Care: CPHC exists to provide universally accessible and comprehensive primary health care and community support services in the promotion and building of a healthier community.

Funded Programs:

  • Caregiver Support Services
  • Community Support Services (for Althorpe/Bolingbroke)

2015 Allocation:           $8,750.00

Number Served 2014: 111

Community Home Support – Lanark County:  A volunteer based agency for seniors, adults with physical disabilities and persons who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and/or are dying helping them to continue to reside in their homes and remain a vital part of their community.

Funded Programs:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • United Way Meal Tickets
  • Diners Clubs
  • Transportation
  • Friendly Visiting/Reassurance
  • Hospice Visiting
  • Foot Care
  • Client Assistance
  • Home Help/Maintenance

2015 Allocation:           $21,000.00

Number Served 2014: 3986

Family and Children’s Services:  Committed to protecting the children and youth of our community from all forms of abuse and neglect.  They work to keep children safe and secure, both within their families and the community in which they live.

Funded Programs:

  • Lanark County Snowsuit Campaign
  • Angel Tree Program
  • Volunteer Driver Program

2015 Allocation:           $5,250.00

Number Served 2014: 486

Lanark County Community Justice Programs Inc.:  Provide Community Justice Forums.  They bring together all parties affected by an incident of crime or other harmful behaviour to have a respectful, structured discussion about what happened and how the harm done can be repaired.

Funded Programs:

  • Community Justice Forums

2015 Allocation:           $5,000.00

Number Served 2014: 274

Lanark Highlands Youth Centre: Serves youth aged 11-19 years in Lanark Highlands and surrounding areas providing programming which gives the youth an opportunity to learn and develop a series of significant life and social skills.

Funded Programs:

  • Youth Centre Drop In Program

2015 Allocation:           $7,500.00

Number Served 2014: 121

Mills Community Support Corporation:  A multi-service organization assisting people throughout Lanark County to be housed and supported as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Funded Programs:

  • Home Support Program

2015 Allocation:           $8,000.00

Number Served 2014: 575

Smiths Falls and District Centre for Youth: Offers a safe and comfortable space for youth ages 11-18 to gather.  Education and self-awareness are key components in raising a community of successful youth.  The youth are involved in the planning and decision-making.

Funded Programs:

  • Community Builders
  • Teen Cuisine and Recreation Program
  • Chat and Choice
  • Drop in

2015 Allocation:           $7,000.00

Number Served 2014: 210

 The Canadian Hearing Society: Provides services that enhance the independence of deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people and encourage the prevention of hearing loss.

Funded Programs:

  • Hearing Care Counselling
  • General Support Services
  • Ontario Interpreting Services
  • CONNECT Mental Health Counselling
  • Communication Devices Program

2015 Allocation:           $2,500.00

Number Served 2014: 43

Tri-County Dental Coalition works to ensure all people have access to dental care.  This organization is a new Member Agency, and joined in 2011.  More details will be posted on this Agency at a later date.

2015 Allocation:           $2,000.00

Number Served 2014:  28

TYPS (Taking Young People Seriously): A volunteer organization committed to providing the youth of Mississippi Mills with accessible, inclusive programs and opportunities, which develop job skills, promote strong citizenship values and address challenges commonly faced by youth, such as delinquency and substance abuse.

Funded Programs:

  • After School Program
  • Outreach Programs
  • Recreation Programs
  • Education and Skills-building Activities
  • Nutrition Programs

2015 Allocation:           Did not apply for funding

Number Served 2013: 457

Note that TYPS is currently closed

YAK (Youth Action Kommittee of Perth and District): Provides services for the youth of Perth and District and delivers major employment and life skills development programs for youth on an annual basis through Skills Link.

Funded Programs:

  • Youth Services (Drop In Program)
  • Skills Link – Perth
  • Skills Link – Smiths Falls

2015 Allocation:           $8,000.00

Number Served 2014: 508


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